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Our Offer

Art Zone Events set the bar very high for the production of corporate, commercial and public events. With our understanding of stunning aestetics and our in-depth knowledge of the extraordinary capabilities of technology, we can create a most striking and memorable events. Our offer includes the following: unique and comprehensive event services (the recruitment, guests' registration), an infrastructure (sound, lighting, multimedia, simultaneous translation, stage design), creating unique scenarios (creative audio-visual spectacle using the latest technologies of light and vision, such as: intelligent image management, touchscreen applications), marketing, PR activities, the brand consistency and its awareness (creation, set design, framing, presentations, films and advertising clips), recruting speakers, artists and celebrities, preparation and distribution of materials, appropriate choice of venue and taking care of all logistics (hotels, transports, parking, social space), photo and video documentation (archival speeches, panels, course events, sponsorship activities, installation, film and post-production photo, etc.), life streaming - we have advanced network infrastructure, allowing any number of people to take part in the conference.

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